Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore series

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore series, super cost-effective, the best version of the choice, the introduction of a new color ceramic forging technology, the selection of materials for the case and ring mouth, at all costs using zirconia imported from Japan, without any pigments, with ultra-high pressure and ultra-high temperature forging, to form ultra-high density color ceramics, and then through one in a hundred.Make sure that every finished product has no color difference with the original!Each water caltrop needs precise CNC and precise polishing to achieve the perfect match of each watch case, even if the ceramics, shell and bottom cover form a straight line accurately, they will not cut their hands.Ring mouth wiredrawing, after the top polishing technology, so that every thread and every line are not intermittent, every hexagonal screw and the watch frame are in the same plane, refusing the slightest highlight and depression, explaining what is the top reproduction process!With Audemars Piguet’s classic large plaid as the background, the dial is arranged with distinct layers of squares, which are perfectly polished to reflect perfection.Three-point calendar dial, under the action of sapphire glass concave lens, TPE enlargement effect is the same as the original version.Every watch hand, no matter how big or small, has no burr phenomenon from all angles, which solves the trouble that most obsessive-compulsive disorder watch friends have always had!The scale and the middle part of the watch hand are made of luminous powder imported from Switzerland. Each individual is filled by hand. The uniformity and fullness are far beyond the machine filling. The brightness and luminous color are almost the same as the original version!The movement adopts the chronograph movement of 7750 to 3126, the small seconds of 12 digits, the 12-hour chronograph of six points and nine points and the 30-minute chronograph, which perfectly restores all the functions of the original version. After precise polishing, it greatly improves the stability of the 7750 basic movement and alleviates the embarrassing phenomenon that the chronograph movement style has been empty!Do impeccable, can be called the ceiling level, welcome the vast number of watch friends to appreciate!


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