Rolex Green Submariner 40mm with 3285 Movement

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The Rolex Green Submariner 40mm, powered by the precision 3285 movement, is a timepiece that embodies both elegance and functionality. This legendary watch has long been a favorite among watch enthusiasts, and the green dial variant adds a unique and vibrant touch to the classic design.

Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, the 40mm case of the Green Submariner exudes a sense of robustness and durability. Its sleek and streamlined profile ensures a comfortable fit on the wrist, making it a perfect choice for both casual and formal occasions.

The green dial is the watch’s most striking feature, offering a bold and vibrant contrast to the stainless steel case. The dial is adorned with luminescent hour markers and hands, ensuring excellent readability in all lighting conditions. The date window at 3 o’clock adds a touch of practicality to the overall design.

The heart of the Green Submariner is the advanced 3285 movement. This self-winding mechanical movement offers remarkable precision and reliability, ensuring accurate timekeeping even under extreme conditions. With a longer power reserve, it keeps the watch running smoothly for longer periods without the need for manual winding.

The Green Submariner is also equipped with a robust Oyster bracelet, made from the same corrosion-resistant stainless steel as the case. The bracelet’s secure clasp and adjustable links ensure a comfortable and secure fit, making it suitable for a range of wrist sizes.

In conclusion, the Rolex Green Submariner 40mm with 3285 movement is a timeless and elegant timepiece that offers the ultimate in functionality and durability. It is a perfect companion for those who appreciate fine watchmaking and demand the best in terms of accuracy, reliability, and style.


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