Chanel 24P Hidden Edition Hobo bag

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 Chanel 24P Hidden Edition Hobo bag is truly a captivating piece that steals the heart! After enduring the aesthetic fatigue of traditional flap designs for so long, finally, here comes a collapsible soft bag that breaks the mold. This bag is not only fashionable but also highly practical. You can carry it by hand, or fold it up and wear it as a crossbody bag, offering versatility and convenience.

Crafted from genuine lambskin leather and adorned with distressed metal hardware, it exudes a timeless elegance and luxury. The large size, measuring 24cm in width, 36cm in height, and 9cm in depth, provides ample space to store all your essentials.

Whether you’re dressing up for a special event or keeping it casual for a day out, this hidden-edition hobo bag is sure to complement your style and become a favorite in your wardrobe. At a price that reflects its quality and exclusivity, it’s a worthy investment for any fashion-forward individual.


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