Chanel 24P Hobo Bag

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The Chanel 24P Hobo Bag, the hottest and most sought-after style of the season! This lavish hobo bag is a dream come true, exuding elegance and style with every detail.

The bag’s lightweight design ensures effortless portability, while its ample capacity allows you to carry all your essentials with ease. Its sleek and casual yet retro look makes it incredibly versatile and easy to pair with any outfit.

Crafted from durable calfskin leather, this hobo bag is built to last. Its versatility doesn’t end there; it can be worn as a handheld, shoulder bag, or crossbody, making it a perfect companion for any occasion.

The small size measures 22cm in width, 30cm in height, and 5cm in depth, perfect for those who prefer a more compact yet stylish option. Whether you’re heading out for a casual day or a special event, this Chanel 24P Hobo Bag is sure to be your new favorite accessory.


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